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Distinctive, stylish, confident, impulsive

At Élan, we have a taste for the very best. We create coffee with passion and temerity, and food that is elegant and modern. We have an unswerving dedication to producing exceptional fare.

This is a love story…

Sometimes the journey is the destination. At Élan, our coffee culture is based on pure devotion, through every step of the process. From field to cup, we know each step that our coffee beans take to get to you. From the vast fields of South America and the wild forests of Africa, to the micro roastery in east London where the development of flavour is elevated to an art form, producing exquisite coffee is our passion.

“We call it coffee’s third wave.”

No longer just a commodity, we believe coffee is to be experienced, savoured, and treated with no less adulation than a fine wine. To each cup, we apply care and craftsmanship, served with classic style or a daring signature twist.

From field to roastery, then barista to cup, from the relationships nurtured with coffee farmers around the world to our glamorously minimal aesthetic, we strive to create perfection with each coffee we serve. This is coffee as an art form.


It begins with our partners, London’s award-winning Union coffee roasters, and their passion for sourcing and producing the best, not only in terms of quality and flavour, but sustainability and ethical business practices too.

Founded in 2001, Union was the first roasters in Britain to source coffee beans directly from the farmers. Union takes control of every step of the process –  from finding and supporting smallholder farms in 13 countries around the world, to hand-roasting the beans at its roastery in east London. It is an ethos we share, founded in quality, taste and innovation.

Union and Élan share
an ethos founded in 
quality, taste 
and innovation

First, ripe red coffee cherries are handpicked by suppliers, from Costa Rica to Rwanda, Guatemala to Ethiopia. Our coffee beans – the seeds of the cherries – are then extracted from within and laid out to dry in the sun. From these vast drying beds, the beans are hand-sorted, ensuring only the best are selected to travel to Union’s small-batch roastery in London’s historic East End.

Once in London, and working with original 1950s Probat coffee roasters, dedicated roastmasters oversee the entire process, watching the beans tumble, swell and develop their colour and flavour. Roastmasters do not rely on the machines to create these tailor-made roasts –  each batch is roasted by hand, the artisanal way. Roastmasters use their senses – watching, smelling and tasting throughout. This meticulous approach ensures that the beans’ most desirable characteristics are consistently drawn out – their richness, sweetness, and an uncompromising depth of flavour.

This is coffee without compromise, and it is focal point of everything we do.

“At Élan, we have an unfaltering commitment to using the finest ingredients to serve the very best coffee, in unforgettable style.”


In harmony with Élan’s philosophy of healthy, natural food, we believe that what you put onto your skin should be as good as what you put into your body.

At Élan, we have created a collection of natural and sustainable beauty products, made fresh to be used fresh.

Using a minimum-waste system, we recycle coffee by-products into an earth-friendly range of scrubs and masks for face, body and hair. Our formulations are made in-store for customers, and because they contain no preservatives or harmful chemicals, they are designed to be used within 24 hours.


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