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Project Description

This is where coffee meets science, and nitro infusions will thrill the proud coffee nerds out there. Here, single origin cold brew coffee is infused with pure nitrogen. Nitrogen adds no flavour to the coffee – it simply infuses it with tiny gas bubbles and the effect is to give the coffee a thicker, creamier texture, and a natural sweetness that emerges, eschewing the need for milk or sugar. A foamy head is created and Frank and Earnest recommend that the coffee is drunk before this head settles. It may look like a pint of stout, but is actually a cool hit of caffeine.

Great nitro coffee is about more than just the adding of nitrogen. Every stage must be perfectly conducted, from selecting the right beans, to the roasting process, to the brewing, and finally the chemistry of nitrogen. This is a company named after its founding principles, and there are no shortcuts taken in perfecting this technical drop. Frank and Earnest use the finest grade of ethically sourced specialty beans, and roast and brew in-house at their facility in Suffolk.

This is clean, crisp and refreshing brew.

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